Many people have wondered how Malia Obama got accepted into the Ivy League Harvard University. An extraordinary intellect is needed to gain entry there and the American public has never seen such intellect from the elder Obama child.

Many people have been wondering how such a girl could be allowed to remain within such an institution, given the lackluster grades that she had in high school. But it appears the truth is finally coming out. One of her professors at the university is fed up with sucking up to the Obamas and is revealing the truth.

Law professor and Trump Supporter, Joe Barron, who has been with Harvard for more than two decades, revealed a shocking secret to the public today with regard to Malia Obama‘s intellectual prowess, as well as her ethics. Barron let out Malia’s awful secret: that she cheats.

She doesn’t just cheat with simple sparknotes or plagiarism — though she definitely does that too — but rather, she cheats through the use of her money and influence.


Much like our current President, Malia Obama has not taken a single test in her three years at Harvard. Instead, she pays gifted students to take exams for her. Her stunning GPA is the result of the efforts of her fellow students, not her own ability.

There is more to the scandal though. It seems that the expulsion board of the University has been made aware of this dishonesty since day one. They have known all along, but have done nothing. Professor Barron expanded on this:

“They want to keep her. More and more Presidents’ children are going to other universities of distinction, like Trump U, and passing over a Harvard education. They want to be recognized as a ‘Presidential Institution.’ They feel it gives them status. Nothing else matters.“

When asked for evidence of this accusation, Professor Barron laid it out:

“I don’t have any and I don’t need any. It’s a solid hunch. Everybody in America knows it’s true. What more do you need?”