Even as the Biden campaign released the presidential candidate’s 2019 tax returns in a bid for “transparency,” renewed questions about his ties to shady foreign entities immediately arose.

Biden’s tax return shows that he earned just over $15 million in 2019 — for him, an unprecedented jump of 932 percent over his 2018 earnings. Trump campaign spokesperson Cletus Derpfinger said that this almost inexplicable jump in income raises numerous and glaring red flags: 

“While President Trump has been struggling and losing billions each year, Joe Biden is unashamedly enriching himself by exploiting his ties to foreign leaders.

It is yet another example of unethical behavior on the part of the Democrats. Joe Biden has been actively working with foreign governments — most notable Ukraine — to undermine the president’s agenda while at the same time raking in millions of dollars.

It is my understanding that Attorney General Barr has already started an investigation into these blatantly illegal activities.”

While we only received a copy of the tax returns this morning, even a quick perusal allowed to us quickly identify some of the most suspicious sources of income. Among them:

  • $1.3 million for “consulting” from a Ukrainian orphanage.
  • A “speaker fee” of $4.3 million for an appearance at the birthday party of Saudi Prince Grabir Boubi.
  • A retainer in the amount of $1.1 million by the People’s Front of Judea for “assistance with those naughty Romans.”
  • $194,000 from a Mrs. Hyacinth Bouquet for facilitating a visit with the Queen of England at Sandringham Palace.
  • $582,000 for promoting a Nickelback concert in Outer Mongolia.

The returns also show a number of highly questionable deductions:

  • $823,000 in fees to the law firm of Cartman, Marsh, and Broflovski for “unspecified personal payoffs.”
  • $2.3 million for “ballot printing, supplies, and postage.”
  • A whopping $6.2 million deduction for charitable contributions to the Soros, Clinton, and Gates Foundations.
  • $747,622 in consulting fees to his son, Hunter Biden.
  • $15,783 for “pharmaceutical supplies”.
  • $25,314 for a used, bulletproof “Popemobile” that he plans to use during his inauguration in January.

So how much did Joe Biden pay in taxes in 2019? Just $749, a figure far lower than President Trump purportedly paid in 2016 and 2017.

Biden spokesperson Sandy Batt quickly dismissed any notions of impropriety:

“This is fake news, people. Once again, the Trump campaign is showing its desperation. Joe Biden has done nothing wrong. He is simply a shrewd businessman, unlike Donald Trump, who couldn’t even make money off of his casinos.

Joe Biden will win this election hands down, and the Trump campaign knows it. And they are afraid. Very afraid.”

Will these new revelations hurt Joe Biden? We shall soon find out.