Lawless thugs have been taking down statues that mark our history all over America. They started with ones that they found to be “racially insensitive,” but have since moved on to any image that commemorates our history.

In response to this, President Trump introduced a crime bill that would severely punish anyone caught vandalizing these structures. Mandatory 10-year sentences have been brought in to discourage any more of this troublemaking behavior.

Now, in Minnesota, the first arrests have been made which would see this sentencing be applied. Several antifas were caught in the act as they attempted to destroy the statue of Jesus Christ in Kal Ren park in the small town of Alderron.

Twelve have been arrested in total and there is one very notable name among them –John Omar, son of Democrat Representative Ilhan Omar, has been taken into custody and awaits his first court appearance.

Special agent Joe Barron of the FBI gave a statement with regard to this high profile arrest:

“In a recent bust of Antifa fascists as they attempted to destroy a historic monument to Christ, it was discovered that the son of Minnesota representative Omar was amongst those arrested. John Omar appeared to be leading the charge in this destruction and has been named as the ringleader.

Omar’s family and his mother’s position will have no effect on his treatment. Mr. Omar will be given the same consideration as every other Antifa we arrested today or will in the future. These arrests are a victory for America.“

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Ilhan Omar‘s anti-American sentiment has been passed onto her child who is showing it through these criminal acts. It seems likely that a connection to his mother may be uncovered, ridding us of them both, but probably not, as this is a work of fiction.