After a very minimal amount of investigating, seriously, his bank statements were stuffed in the drawer of his desk at the DOJ, it has been discovered that William Barr has been receiving millions of dollars in payments from none other than George Soros.

The sobering reality that our Attorney General has been accepting money from the liberal mafia is rippling through Washington. Especially after Trump has vowed to only hire the best people.

If Barr is the “best” and he is taking money from Soros. What does that make Soros?

Bill Barr grew up a poor boy from a poor family. He went many a Christmas without getting even a bar of soap. Which is also why he has no problem with denying kids in cages the very basics like soap and clean clothing.

This one Christas was especially traumatizing, when his rich aunt, who always gave the best gifts, sent him a pink bunny rabbit suit. His mother forced him to put it on. It was at that moment that William Barr vowed to never be so poor that such a garish gift seemed “special.”

Barr has been hellbent on padding his pockets. Last year, Soros approached him with an offer he simply couldn’t refuse. And thus, is how the deep state Democrats bought and paid for the Attorney General of the United States right under Trump’s nose.

Many staffers like Sandy Batt found the influx of money a bit perplexing.

“I thought it was odd when he was having caviar and champagne as his mid-morning snack, but I let it go. Then the platinum toilets and the gold foil toilet paper showed up and we knew something just wasn’t right. He was as crooked a dog’s hind leg, and that’s the truth.”

Of course, Bill Barr is laughing all the way to the bank. He says he still has his pink bunny suit and thanks the good Lord every single day that his aunt sent it to him that fateful year.