Sasha Obama has always lived in the shadow of her older sister, Malia. Being the black sheep of the family is never fun.


Well, now the youngest Obama girl has outdone her sister in one area — her arrest record.


Officer Joe Barron arrested Natasha Obama last night for driving under the influence. He had this to say:


“We’ve had a lot of problems with these Obama girls running around, disobeying the law, acting like they own the town. Tonight, Sasha was driving on the wrong side of the road. When I pulled her over, she was unable to complete a field sobriety test. I hauled her off to jail.”


Obviously, this isn’t Sasha’s first run-in with the law. She has recently been arrested for theft, grand theft auto, possession of narcotics, shoplifting from a Macy’s, and removing tags from five mattresses.


At this rate, she is far beyond the “three strikes your out” laws which most states have on the books. Under these laws, someone with an arrest record like Sasha’s should be sentenced to life in prison.


Of course, since the Obama girls are who they are, there isn’t a chance that they will go to prison for any length of time.


In fact, as of this writing, Sasha is free. Dear daddy talked to some liberal judges and struck up a deal for her record to be expunged and no charges to be filed.


Go figure.


And this is why this cycle will continue. Laws are meaningless if your last name is Obama.