Sure, the media says that Joe Biden will be the next president. Odd how we’ve hardly seen him lately, huh?

Yeah, he broke his foot. But if you think that Hidin’ Basement Joe was gone, think again.

When he did show up for election events, he could only muster a small crowd. And now the man with the lowest enthusiasm for a candidate in decades seems to be continuing that pattern.

Because, blaming COVID, he wants to put on what might be considered the saddest inauguration in history. From IJR:


Joe Biden said on Friday he plans a scaled-back event for safety’s sake during the pandemic…

The Democratic former vice president said he does expect to be sworn in on Jan. 20 on the platform already being constructed on the steps of the U.S. Capitol, but wanted to avoid the crowds that typically gather on the National Mall and along Pennsylvania Avenue to view the ceremony and parade.


If Joe Biden becomes president, he is basically admitting nobody cares. Many pointed out that after the media called the election for him in November, people were celebrating.

Not that Biden won, but that Trump lost. It doesn’t seem like Democrats care all that much about what kind of leader Biden will be (if he leads at all).

They were just so focused on getting Trump out, that they didn’t bother considering what Joe would do when (if) he gets in.

It shouldn’t surprise us that Biden’s people are planning a bland, forgettable, nothing event. After all, these are the same joyless goons that put on that horrible DNC.

It seems the only time Democrats can get big crowds these days, is to set fire to their own cities.

Get people out to celebrate Biden’s “victory”? Not so much.