When the going gets tough, some say, those that aren’t so tough get going.  And apparently, that was the thinking entertained by former President Barack Obama this last Thursday as he was caught and detained by security forces at Washington D.C.’s Dulles International airport in violation of his do-not-fly order during the Obamagate hearings.  The socialist so-called leader had a carry-on bag and a one-way ticket to Kenya with a stop in France.

The incident took place as many of these do, within the damaged psyche of Donald Trump’s mind as he sat motionless and staring at a snow globe within a small hospital room at St. Eliguis.  Trump is suffering from a handicapped mental condition that causes him to live within a vibrant fantasy world, in which he was lawfully elected President of the United States and is beloved by thousands upon thousands of Americans who only passed the first grade by getting a “C” in art class by drawing an upside down American flag.  With four stripes.

Caretaker Sandy Batt says Trump spends most of his days silently inventing incidents like Obama’s fictional arrest.  In the narrative that only he and his reprehensible followers could possibly comprehend, Obama was not American, but Kenyan, the most black country Trump could randomly think of.  His birth certificate was fake, although at the time of Obama’s birth, there were no computers or photoshop, and the ID was yet somehow good enough to fool every US Intelligence agency and Harvard Law.  Many of Trump’s fantasies go along these lines of the improbable, impossible, and irrational.

And so, this dreamed-of arrest will certainly lead to an imaginary hearing about the imaginary crimes that Obama committed and then, perhaps, an imaginary stint in “Gitmo”, which trumpers equate with “terrible prison for non-whites”.  As always, Donald will continue, through it all, to remain…Elsewhere.