As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton had the responsibility of vetting and appointing operatives to America’s foreign service agencies including the CIA. That is why she is to blame for the latest scandal.

Longtime CIA Agent, Jason Bourne, whose real name is Villiam Helmuk, was revealed to be a sleeper agent for Russia’s Federal Security Service. Thes revelation was made when reports surfaced that he was exfiltrated back to Moscow this week before his cover was blown in an operation in which he infiltrated mission-critical data regarding national security.

Helmuk was born in Moscow and was trained by the KGB before the fall of the Soviet Union, even though he was born after the fall of the USSR.

Helmuk’s false identity as a CIA Operative

Helmuk’s false identity as a CIA Operative

He was sent to the US under the name Jason Bourne, graduated top of his class at Harvard, and joined the CIA. He worked his way up the ranks where he became a field operative, appointed by none other than Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Just this past month he gathered information that is critical to our national defense against nuclear warheads. With Helmuk’s return to Moscow, this information is now in Russian hands, as confirmed by CIA Deputy Director Joe Barron.

We have Hillary Clinton to thank for this mess. It’s just like something from the plot of “The Americans.” You really can’t make these things up. Hillary Clinton is involved in so many American disasters from Benghazi, to the blue dress, and now this. She needs to be locked up for treason.