Obama Charged After Durham Secret Investigation

When William Barr installed John Durham as Special Council two weeks ago, he did so quietly. He wanted no surprises or blockage from any democrats. And Durham got to work right away.

He wasted no time looking into the Mueller investigation. And when he did, he found a lot. And most of what he found was tied directly to the Barack Obama administration. John Durham finally could arrest Obama.

Durham worked secretly and quickly, knowing a Biden administration could pardon Obama for anything and everything they could. Durham didn’t want to take that chance. This was his opportunity to get to the biggest fish in the corruption ocean that is the Democratic Party. Enough was enough.

He was going to take him down.When Durham had enough evidence, he quietly went to Bill Barr for a warrant. Barr reviewed the evidence and signed off on the warrant, and Obama was quietly arrested.

Durham didn’t want any media attention and neither did Trump. This wasn’t about Trump, this was about Obama spying on Trump since 2015 and throughout his presidency.

While Donald Trump was making America great again, Barack Obama was using spies and other elements of the Democratic Party to thwart every attempt that Trump was making at America’s greatness. But now, finally, the chickens have come home to roost and Obama is charged. Finally.

With Obama formally charged and other Democratic operatives in the sites of the Durham investigation, even Biden and Harris are scared. Durham can possibly stop them from taking office and using a little known constitutional amendment, hand the presidency back to Donald Trump and save America once again.  Bill Barr knew by bringing back John Durham, they could work together on keeping America great.

Several DOJ employees were seen celebrating, totally taking the events of the day in. This was the biggest investigation they’ve ever had. Investigators Joseph Barron and Sandy Batt couldn’t contain themselves.

“This is great! Yet another big nothingburger that the trump faithful will eat up and pat themselves on the back for!”  Meanwhile, trump looks to pardon himself and Biden is still your president. God bless America!