The Hunter Biden laptop story had died in the last month but some new discoveries by investigators have raised more questions about the laptop, and about Hunter Biden and what he’s been doing the last few years.

Investigators are combing through new files found on the laptop now.

One of these shocking surprises is a photo of Hunter Biden and Melania Trump together. The validity of the picture is in question, but it’s shocking nonetheless.

The picture is a few years old and features a shirtless Hunter Biden and Melania Trump clutching at him.

While the photo could be a deep fake, it does explain the silence from the Trump White House since early November.

President Trump does not want to entertain the idea from the fake news reporters and is allowing federal investigators to get to the bottom of the picture in question. It’s disturbing and disgusting, to say the least.

While Trump has been actively trying to sue nearly every state in the union, investigators have done a deep dive on the laptop to find anything that would be of use to them. So far, nothing except for the pictures of Melania and himself.

Whether they are real or fake, the question remains, why are they there??? Could it be possible that Melania was unfaithful to Donald? Or did Hunter use these to throw off the trump investigation?

Lead investigator Joseph Barron couldn’t piece it together. Was this taken while Donald was cavorting with Stormy Daniels? Or another playboy model?

Or was Melania herself looking to get back into modeling after this whole mistake of electing this effing buffoon into office?

What’s exactly going on here???? So many questions and nobody really cares. Do you?

Whether or not they are real or are fake, it doesn’t matter — pretty much like the whole laptop itself.

It doesn’t matter. It was just a ruse to get people’s minds off how bad things have been going. But Donald, poor Donald, it’s gotta be eating at him.

Melania doesn’t really like him much anyway, She married him in hopes he’d kick the bucket sooner rather than later and she’d be rolling in dough. But, after further inspection of his finances, she’d be rolling in IOUs.

Imagine making that mistake! God bless America!!!!