In another ridiculous show of supposed protest against President Trump and the winning he brings, the state of Michigan has enacted another law designed to create a divide between itself and the United States of America.


Representative Rashida Taliban explained :

“Effective immediately, the utterance of the Pledge of Allegiance will be illegal in the state of Michigan. Its words are an affront to our people and the dissent they hold shall not be tolerated.

Michigan, by virtue of its diversity of population make-up, is unique in these United States and does not fit in with the rest of this godless country. We are better than them. Why would we vow to support a country that is beneath us?”

Tlaib’s Republican counterpart in the region, Joe D’Bloe, had this to say in rebuttal :

“Yes, Michiganders are unique and we are great. But we are also American. This will not stand. As long as Trump is in office, we should be loyal. He’s earned our devotion.

If President Trump were to lose the election in 2020, we can revisit this issue, but for now we will remain as American as Apple Pie. Reagan was Right when he spoke of our President way back when.  America Loves Donald Trump. This is America so you can Love It Or Leave It. And American men and Ladies of Liberty are America’s Last Line of Defense.

That is all.”

How Tlaib expects to get away with this is anybody’s guess. We don’t think she can but strange things have been happening as liberals have begun their revolt.