The Supreme Court of the United States, with new Justice Amy Coney Barrett, can now ensure a Trump victory, stopping Biden’s theft of the presidency.

The highest court in the land can make sure America stays great and stops the liberal democrats in their tracks, and Biden knows it.  

Biden will have no choice but to concede the election when it’s over, and the Supreme Court will see to it.

The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court was rushed through so liberal democrats couldn’t do what they do best: take what isn’t theirs.

Coney Barrett’s confirmation was the last piece of the puzzle for Trump’s victory over the evil democrats’ plan to stop America’s greatness from taking place.

All that’s left now is the crying. The liberal left knows their time has run out.

The confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett opens up a world of possibilities for conservatives who love their country. 

Ending abortion, reinstating prayer in the classroom, revamping obscenity laws, and enduring Jesus is front and center in our country, where he should be. Amy Coney Barrett believes we are a Christian nation and will fight for good, American Christian values, ending the reign of terror that secularism has had on America.

She can even see to it that our greatest president gets more time in office, time that was stolen by democrats.

Just imagine living in the country you’ve dreamed of. We spoke to Representative Joseph Barron of Idaho to get his take on the momentous occasion.

“Just imagine!” Barron exclaimed, “we can finally be the American version of Iran.  To be able to rule America with  an iron fist, the iron fist of Jesus!”

Barron believes that they can fundamentally change America with the confirmation of the bitch who sounds like a hot dog.  What a glorious day it’ll be when religious fascism takes hold of America.

Overturning Roe V Wade, marriage equality, even certain personal liberties are all on the table. A Handmaid’s Tale, indeed.

It’s high time that women know their role, and turning America back to God will show them the way. Of course, it’s never been the horrible place that conservatives have accused it of being.

They simply weren’t getting their way, because even the idea of anyone that doesn’t think like them is bad and evil. I don’t know about you, but I totally can’t wait for a Taliban like hold on America.

It’ll be glorious, right?