“The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” is how the old saying goes. In this case, the tree and the apples are very rotten past the point of no return, as they represent the villainous Mother Pelosi and her vile offspring, Melissa and Daphne, that always seem to be breaking the law. This time, they were inciting Antifa riots in California.

This comes as no surprise, as the two troublemakers have been on the news a lot recently for robbing a liquor store, among other things.

This time, the demonic duo was inciting riots by providing pallets of bricks and offering cash to anyone that would throw them into the windows of local businesses. This is truly a heinous act.

The devilish pair was arrested by officer Joe Barron, who had this to say about the incident:

“I couldn’t believe it was these troublemakers again. I just arrested them two weeks ago. This is what happens when Mother Pelosi keeps bailing them out. They need to rot in jail for a while and think about what they’re done.

Hopefully, these charges will stick since they’re being charged as terrorists now. Trump will take care of them.”

We hope Donald Trump brings these Antifa terrorists to justice. They are a well-organized group, and if they are allowed to continue their evil ways, America may be destroyed. Imagine all the people Antifa will kill. It will almost be as bad as the current police forces in America. We can’t have that.