Dominion Voting Systems Company is a corporation that manufactures electronic voting equipment and software, both at their own factory outlets and through third parties. Their corporate headquarters are located in Toronto, Ontario, its headquarters in Colorado, USA. The company also has manufacturing plants in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Romania, Russia, and South Africa. They are currently operating their voting equipment, including the STV (single-choice tabulator) and ballot-storage devices and tabulating machine in seven countries around the world.

Dominion voting system has a wide range of products and has been providing their customers with the highest quality of electronic voting equipment for many years. They have been the most popular manufacturer of electronic voting equipment for election purposes in Canada since 1972. Their equipment is the most trusted choice by politicians, officials, political parties, as well as members of the public for their voting needs.

Dominion Voting System is a very stable company that provides both the hardware and software to its customers. They have been in business since 1970 and are committed to producing only the best products available on the market. Their equipment is certified by the American National Standards Institute and sold by many retailers around the country.

Dominion voting system makes a great addition to any business, whether it be a large business government agency, local community center, school district, or small office. Their high level of quality ensures that every transaction they provide is completed properly and effectively.

Their equipment is made from the finest materials available and are guaranteed to provide high quality, error-free results. In addition, the equipment is produced in a very affordable price range that can easily fit into any budgets. Dominion Voting System guarantees that their products will meet or exceed the expectations of their customers and that every person who uses the equipment is assured of a smooth and hassle-free experience.

There are a number of features on the different versions of the Dominion voting system. Each version is geared towards a specific type of voting needs. In addition, there are several versions of the system designed to meet different types of elections. and the various types of elections that they are most commonly used for.

Dominion voting system uses a variety of technologies that include a PC based configuration, a web-based installation, a proprietary memory flash card, an integrated printer, and a USB flash drive. to help with a fast and easy installation.

There are four different versions of the system: STV, Votable, SAV, and E-voter. All of them use different types of technology to provide the ultimate experience when voting. The STV is most common and is used in Canada for municipal elections and for county, city and state elections in the U.S.. It uses an electronic voting machine and the STV-E is used in smaller jurisdictions for town elections.

The Votable is a system that is available for general use and is one of the more popular models. It uses a memory card, a printer, and a USB flash drive. This version does not require any hardware installations and is the most simple to use. However, if you want to install the system, you must do so yourself. This system is most commonly found in the U.S. and the E-voter system is most popular in Canada.

The STV-E uses computer memory cards to keep all of the information on a removable storage device and the software programs and hardware are stored on the flash drive that is stored on the hard drive. The E-voter system uses computer memory cards and requires no hardware installations but does allow you to connect the devices through a USB flash drive.

The last system is the SAV system which is very new and is still being developed. It uses a computer program called the Voteless Choice for an easy installation process.

In order to have the SAV system you will need to download the software through a CD that you purchase from the website of Dominion voting Systems. Once you download the software, follow the installation instructions to begin.